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Smash Hype Media is an international digital marketing and advertising agency based mainly on the West Coast of North America. We create performance-marketing campaigns driven by data analytics, advanced targeting, and the creative vision our team.

Digital marketing has been an 8 years of road of learning, growing, and innovating.  We started as affiliate marketers, and have grown over the years to become the sales leader on several networks.  We have driven traffic to video game and dating leads, health and beauty supplies, eCommerce products, to name a few.

We are building out brands using everything we’ve learned over the years.  Our evolution has brought us conclude that data and technology are the cornerstones of the online sales.  Leveraging our skillsets, we have created a proprietary marketing solution that integrates our deep knowledge of the players, techniques, and technology to give our customers the most efficient delivery of digital and physical goods.

The future is now.  Come with us.